Public housing is comprised of all sizes and types, from scattered single-family houses to high-rise apartments for elderly families.  The LACDA currently manages 2,962 units of public housing at 63 sites throughout Los Angeles County.  Additionally, the LACDA manages 267 units at five affordable sites throughout Los Angeles County.

List of Public and Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Sites

  • Lancaster Homes (Senior)

  • Kings Road (Senior)

  • Santa Monica RHCP (Family)

Public Housing Sites

  • Carmelitos (Family - Senior)

  • Harbor Hills (Family - Senior)

  • Nueva Maravilla (Family - Senior)

  • West County 1 (Senior)

  • West County 2 (Family - Senior)

  • North County (Family - Senior)

  • East County (Family - Senior)

  • South County (Family - Senior)