Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspections

The goal of the Housing Choice Voucher program is to provide “decent, safe and sanitary” housing at an affordable cost to low-income families. To accomplish this, program regulations set forth basic housing quality standards (HQS) which all units must meet before assistance can be paid on behalf of a family and at least annually throughout the term of the assisted tenancy. HQS defines “standard housing” and establishes the minimum criteria necessary for the health and safety of program participants.

General Requirements 

At least biennially, it is the Los Angeles County Development Authority's responsibility to conduct inspections of units to determine compliance with HQS prior to the execution of the entire term of the assisted lease. HQS consists of the following thirteen (13) performance requirements:

• Sanitary facilities;
• Food preparation and refuse disposal;
• Space and security;
• Thermal environment;
• Illumination and electricity;
• Structure and materials;
• Interior air quality;
• Water supply;
• Lead-based paint;
• Access;
• Site and neighborhood;
• Sanitary condition; and
• Smoke detectors.