Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspections

Owner Inspection FAQs

  • What is the inspection process for a new contract?

  • What is the biennial inspection process?

  • Who needs to be present for an inspection?

  • What exact time will the inspector arrive?

  • What do I need to do to make sure the unit passes?

  • Why do you need to see the garage when it is not being rented?

  • After an inspection, how do I find out if the unit passed?

  • If the inspection failed, who is responsible for correcting the deficiencies? What is the deadline?

  • Can I request reimbursement from a Section 8 tenant for tenant-related deficiencies?

  • How do I inquire about a stopped-payment (HAP abatement) because of a failed inspection?

  • I have questions about lead-based paint violations and compliance.